How to remove the transport lock


To prevent damages to the bass mechanics of the accordion during transport, the mechanics is additionally protected. Before you start playing, you need to remove the cardboard protection from inside of the mechanics.


1. Place the accordion on the table Put the bass side of the accordion towards you and lay the instrument with the back side on the top of a table.
2. Remove bass strap Remove the bass strap by turning the regulator wheel completely.
3. Unscrew the screws Remove the four foot screws from the bass cover.
4. Remove the bass cover Then remove the bass cover.
5. Remove cardboard strips Carefully remove the cardboard protection of the inside of the bass mechanics.
6. Reinstall the bass cover Install the bass cover back on the instrument. Make sure that the air outlet button is in place.
7. Tighten the screws slightly Reassemble the screws of the bass cover and the bass strap. Insert the screw of the bass strap back into the hole and tighten the regulator wheel.