Zuleger & Mayenburg company is founded
Anton Zuleger and Carl Curt Heinsius von Mayenburg
founded a factory for accordion and musical works
in the German city of Leipzig.


Brand was signed up
The brand ROYAL STANDARD was signed up by the Imperial Patent Office of the German empire.


First award for ROYAL STANDARD accordions
During the Saxon-Thuringian industrial and trade exhibition held from April 24th to October the 19th 1897 in Leipzig ROYAL STANDARD won the first award.


Transfer of the factory
The entire factory was transferred to the German village of Brunndöbra. Nowadays it is a part of the city of Klingenthal.


All over the world
ROYAL STANDARD accordions used to be played all over the world already. Because of it’s outstanding quality and sound this instruments became famous very quick.


More than 30 different models
During the 1940’s ROYAL STANDARD produced more than 30 different models of accordions.


New high-class series presented
In the year 1957 ROYAL STANDARD presented the new high-class accordion series MONTANA.


70‘s anniversary
With the beginning of the development of Cassotto accordions ROYAL STANDARD was a part of this developement process.


Beautiful and world famous
Many of ROYAL STANDARD accordions from the old days are still well known.


The rebirth
After 30 years of silence around the brand, the Herold family is once again designing ROYAL STANDARD accordions in Klingenthal, Germany and producing them in Italy with very high quality.