How do I treat and store my accordion

Store and transport
Store and transport this accordion inside the case only. Remove the straps before putting your accordion in the case. Keep the musical instrument in a dry room.
Cold temperatures
When taking the instrument from a cold place into a warm room acclimatize it to the temperature there by opening the lid of the case and allow the cold air in the case to warm up. After about 30 minutes the instrument will be ready for playing.
Rapid temperature changes
A change in the temperature will cause the instrument to get steamed up. Wiping off this steam is not good for the accordion. The steam will go by itself after a short time.
Humidity and heat
High humidity and high heat damage any musical instrument. At a temperature of approx. 50 degrees Celsius the wax begins to melt, which is used to fix the reedplates. Therefore, there is a danger that the reedplates may become detached at these temperatures. For this reason, never expose your accordion to great heat or direct sunlight and keep it away from radiators.
Protect from dust and moisture
It is advisable to cover the instrument in the case with a soft piece of cloth to protect it from dust and moisture. Music stands do not belong in the case.
Cleaning your accordion
For cleaning the accordion use a dry and soft microfiber cloth only. Do not use for cleaning any liquids or chemicals.